1. here we begin modelling in wax, using a magnifier 2. the start.. the 4 legs of the dog 3. slowly the skeleton and the proportions of the dog are being built 4. the wax (sort of elastic candlewax) is made liquid by using a flame..
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). 5. .. After that, kind of a 3 Dimensional drawing can be made, bit by bit it is being perfectionized, every detail and expression is 'drawn' into wax

6. Once we have enough dogs made in wax, they will be sticked together on a 'tree' of wax

all the seperate twigs are dogs!

7. we cast plaster around the 'tree', and when this becomes hard, the wax is melted out of the plaster
8. Once the wax has disappeared (vaporized)we cast liquid silver into the plaster 9. So now there is a silver tree in the plaster instead of a tree of wax 10. To get the silver tree out of the plaster the still (very) hot tree has to be cooled off in cold water. 11.Because of the immense heat, the plaster boils into gas bubbles off the hot metal.
12. after that, what is left is a tree of silver: the wax and plaster is lost 13. the seperate twigs will be cut off and… the dog is pure silver ! 14. from wax.. to silver 15. Now it is time to finish the still very rough silver. By filing and polishing the silver it starts to shine...
16. It has become a juwel!, a perfect miniature copy of the breed, with all its details...